Simple and With Purpose

Joseph Hoyt is a maker of fine, handcrafted furniture and custom snare drums. He works in a small, cooperative workshop in Malden, MA, making furniture the way he lives his life: simple and with purpose. Joesph's handiwork emphasizes the subtle, quiet beauty of the material while employing clean lines, flawless surfaces, and solid joinery.

Hoyt snare drums are the natural byproduct of a cabinetmaker who has been a drummer since birth. This is where Joseph is free to get creative, using multiple woods and creating patterns and designs. The end result is a highly functional work of art that sounds amazing! Each drum shell is composed of individual blocks of domestic and exotic hardwoods, which are glued into a circle and turned on a lathe. The Hoyt Drums logo is hand-carved into each shell, and then they are assembled using only the finest components.